Delivery Services

Mail Services
Mail pick-up and delivery from
Post Office & Mail Suites.

As a full-service courier provider, Alpha Courier offers convenient,
on time pick-up from and delivery to both USPS, P.O. Boxes
and independent Mail Suites.

We can handle Certified, Priority and COD packages
as well as providing any mailing materials you might need.
Alpha Courier knows your life is busy and even hectic at times.
To make life a little easier, we tailor our schedule to your exact needs.

All your deliveries are safe, secure and insured. Our current customers love this convenience and so will you!

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Extended trip discounts: Applies when there are two or more deliveries made from the same pick up location.

Weight: Items up to 50 pounds are delivered at no additional charge. Ten cents per pound thereafter.

Cargo Van: $20.00 additional fee.

WAIT TIME: First 5 minutes are free. If the driver is required to wait longer than 5 minutes a surcharge of $.50 cents
per minute pro rated back to the first minute may apply.

RESIDENTIAL: $5.00 additional fee.

FUEL SURCHARGE: Applies when the average price per gallon is above $3.00 according to AAA: Refer to the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett metro area.

Toll Free:      1.800.592.8800
Dispatch:      (425) 258.2614